12 Minutes To Stronger Hands

This PDF accompanies the blog article: "12 Minutes To Stronger Hands"? https://www.studiodrummontreal.com/blog/blog/12-minutes-to-stronger-hands

What is the thing that keeps many drummers from reaching a higher level of drumming? Aside from a lack of coordination, or a lack of vocabulary, it's having a WEAK HAND.

"12 Minutes To Stronger Hands" was designed to address this common problem that many drummers have, including some advanced drummers, which is that their hands are not of equal strength or coordination. It is my sincere hope that by working through this book you will drastically improve your weaker hand.

Do you want to be a great drummer?

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"I take your learning very seriously, and you have my personal promise that I will not rest until you are completely satisfied with your drumming abilities. I guarantee my work so much, that if you put in the practice time, then I give my personal guarantee that you WILL see the results."

- Brandon Goodwin

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