Maximize Your Rudimental Potential

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What is the thing that keeps most drummers from reaching a higher level of drumming? Aside from a lack of coordination, it's a lack of vocabulary keeps a lot of drummers from achieving their goals. This is because most drummers were not taught how to expand the patterns they learn. They often are just taught a pattern, and not shown how to apply it, or how to extract ideas from it.

"Maximize Your Rudimental Potential" was designed to address this common problem that many drummers have, including some advanced drummers, which is an incomplete understanding of how to expand their rudiments. There are too many drummers out there who do not understand the full potential of the rudiments, thus I write this book hoping to shed some light on the topic. Each exercise is specifically designed to work on a different concept, and by working through this book you will develop your rudiments to a much higher level. But it goes much further than just improving your speed and power. The main focus of this book is to give you a deep understanding of the possibilities of rudiments, and to inspire you go further than the norm.

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